National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame: Football Is ‘Safer Than Ever’

The claims that football, at least as we know it, would die because of the concussion crisis have faded away in recent years.

One of the sport’s lobbying forces, the National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame, is claiming victory.

“The entire football community has developed a laser focus to address the concerns about the long-term effects of concussions,” said Steven Hatchell, president and chief executive officer of The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame, Inc. “Sports will never be totally injury free, but we are taking significant steps to err on the side of safety in protecting the long-term health of our student-athletes.”

The group went on to conclude:

“Industry executives say the spotlight being placed on health and safety has made student-athletes safer now than at any time in history.”

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Holland & Knight Attorneys Examine ‘An Ordinance Creating a College Athlete Head Injury Gameday Safety Protocol’

Two Boston attorneys from the law firm of Holland & Knight, David J. Santeusanio and Miriam McKendall, have examined that city’s “Ordinance Creating a College Athlete Head Injury Gameday Safety Protocol.”

What follows is a passage from the article, which also examines other aspects of student-athlete rights in Boston:

“The Gameday Safety Ordinance applies to any four-year college or university that maintains an intercollegiate athletic program (regardless of domicile) that participates in an NCAA athletic event located in any part of the city of Boston. Section 4 of the Gameday Safety Ordinance provides that:

To see the full article, visit:

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Doctors To Receive Grants for Concussion Work

The Foundation for PM&R will present over $100,000 in research grant awards on Saturday, November 15 during the AAPM&R Annual Assembly in San Diego.

Among the recipients are a couple who work in the the concussion space, including:

Richard Materson ERF New Investigator Research Grants

  • John Ross-Rizzo, MD (Rusk Rehabilitation), “Objective Eye Movements during the King Devick Test in the Concussed Patient.”

Mid-career Investigator Grant

  • James T. Eckner, MD (University of Michigan), “Evaluation of a Supervised Neck Strengthening Program in Young Athletes: A Potential Intervention to Reduce the Risk of Sport-related Concussion.”

The Foundation for PM&R is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which strives to restore health, improve function, minimize pain and enhance quality of life  for individuals with disability through research and education in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

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