Knight Commission Addresses Concussion Issue at College Sports Summit

The Knight Commission, a group devoted to the reform of collegiate athletics, reacted “to a presentation from NCAA Chief Medical Officer Brian Hainline” at a meeting earlier this month by “reasserting its long-held principle that the health and safety of college athletes must be primary concerns of universities.”

Further, The Commission called on Division I leaders “to ensure adequate resources are devoted to this area and for universities to fully participate in the NCAA’s medical data collection for athletes.”

Hainline, who was the featured speaker, updated members on the recently announced agreement between the NCAA and the U.S. Department of Defense to launch a $30 million initiative designed to provide the most comprehensive national data on the effects of concussion. Hainline also outlined new health and safety guidelines and future initiatives “to address cardiac and mental health, athlete drug and alcohol use, and the detrimental health impacts of early specialization in a particular sport.”

“Dr. Hainline’s presentation was eye-opening,” said Commission Co-Chairman William E. “Brit” Kirwan, chancellor of the University System of Maryland, “particularly given the breadth of health and safety concerns beyond just concussion.”

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Documents Reveal NFL Expects 3 in 10 Former Players Will Suffer Debilitating Brain Conditions

Recent disclosures associated with the proposed $765 million settlement between the NFL and some of its former players revealed that both the league and attorneys for the players expect about 6,000 of the 19,400 retired players, or 28 percent, to develop Alzheimer’s disease or at least moderate dementia.

Senior U.S. District Judge Anita B. Brody reviewed that disclosure, which was part of an NFL report, which suggested that ex-players’ diagnosis rates would be “materially higher than those expected in the general population” and would come at “notably younger ages.”

in a statement given to the Associated Press, plaintiffs attorneys Christopher Seeger and Sol Weiss claimed that the report” paints a startling picture of how prevalent neurocognitive diseases are among retired NFL players.”

The full story can be viewed here:


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Concussion Physician Expands Practice with Another Southern California Office

Andrew M. Blecher, MD, a Southern California physician, who specializes in the treatment of concussions and other sports related injuries, has expanded his operations with a new office in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Blecher, a frequent contributor to Concussion Litigation Reporter, already has an office in Van Nuys. Growing demand led to the establishment of the new office. the following link provides details about the locations:

What follows is a video that Dr. Blecher published that features former NFL player Robert Griffith, which features a discussion on concussions and how they occur:


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