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Yesterday, we reported that an investor on CBC’s show, the Dragons’ Den, had committed $350k for a 10 percent stake in the company. Now comes word from a Canadian newspaper, the Financial Post, that the investor, Jim Treliving, was pulling out.

During due diligence, Treliving reportedly became concerned about the valuation and the size of the potential market. “This is a situation where the equipment itself is not going to change anything; it is not going to stop concussions from happening,” he told the paper. “At the same time, the technology is not exclusive to them. The NFL is testing it, too. The further into due diligence we got, the smaller the market became. I think they should consider selling the company to a Jofa or Bauer.”

The paper went on to quote John Cho, partner with KPMG Enterprise, who said: “It’s timely in terms of all the concern around concussions but would people be willing to pay for it, especially if their kids are not playing competitively? The ideal market would be professional athletes, where the franchises want to protect their biggest assets. Right now they need to market this thing and convince consumers it’s worth spending $150 for this information device. But I’m not so sure I see the longtime viability and commercial appeal. To me the whole concussion thing is about education and teaching people what to do if they do get hit.”

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  1. Danny crossman says:

    Thanks for the overage concussionpolicy however what hasn’t been reported is that the company closed close to $1,000,000 of high tech and finance investors AFTER we filmed the Dragons Den and continue to see wide spread adoption of the technology in teams across North America – remember, reality TV isn’t actually real…..


    Danny Crossman
    Impakt Protective Inc

  2. Byron Hartunian says:

    Investors would do best to put their money with a technologically superior device, the LEXBRACE (website by same name) which has the greatest potential to actually reduce neck and head injury in ALL high speed/collision sports which require helmets.

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