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The International Boxing Association, which oversees amateur boxing, will ban elite male boxers who compete Buy Valium Ampoulesinternationally from wearing headgear, starting on June 1

Many have suggested that if the National Football League banned helmets that the incidence of concussions would decline. This may be the first time that a sports group has tried this theory.

“All available data indicated that the removal of headguard in Elite Men would result in a decreased number of concussions,” the AIBA said in a statement.

One of the given reasons was that headgear blocks peripheral vision, preventing boxers from seeing punches coming from the side.

Charles Butler, chairman of the Association’s medical commission, told the Wall Street Journal that “although cuts will still be a risk, these will heal, as will bones. But if you can’t recognize your grandchildren, it’s a disaster.”

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  1. Boxing Coach says:

    The International Boxing Associations main reference for removing headgear is The British Journal of Sports Medicine 59 year study. Here is what the 59 year study actually says “Only after the introduction of the mandatory head guard in the 1984 Olympics did the RSCI reduce, it was clear that the introduction of the head guard reduced facial cuts by up to 90%.9 ,19 The mean rate of RSCI decisions showed a 3.3-fold reduction after the adoption of mandatory head guard and KO rate also significantly decreased…” Wow – study says it’s not safer to box without headgear!!!

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