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Brain Sentry, a Bethesda, MD-based technology company, is getting some ink for its helmet-mounted brain sensor device.

The device, which alerts medical personnel that a player needs prompt evaluation for concussion symptoms, was highlighted in the Deseret News.

“Essentially it’s an impact sensor that’s placed on the back of the football helmet,” George Scott, an attorney with Brain Sentry, told the paper. “The sensor will detect whether or not the player has suffered an impact which puts (them) in the range of statistical danger of increased possibility of concussion.”

With the sensor in place, trainers are notified if the helmet suffers a significant impact.

“This is relatively new technology and what we don’t know is the exact threshold of the numbers,” Dr. William Couldwell, chairman of the department of neurosurgery at the University of Utah, told the paper. “It depends on the magnitude of the hit, where the player was hit, and which part of the brain is getting the trauma. So, there’s variation and the research is still ongoing to evaluate what the magic thresholds are. But, I think this accrued first step, it’s a good one.”

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