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Buy Roche Valium Online Uk

The Safety Institute will host “a National Discussion on Injury Prevention” that addresses concussions as well as many other health-related topics at the Hilton Hotel in Rosemont, IL September 24 and 25.

Christopher Nowinski of Sports Legacy Institute will give a keynote address, entitled “The Concussion Crisis in Athletics—What We have Learned Since 2007”, at the conference, which is open to working professionals in the Public Health, Medical, and Legal Communities.

Nowinski’s talk will be followed by a panel discussion on “Traumatic Brain Injury: From Prevention to Rehabilitation.” The following experts, including Nowinski, will participate:

  • Dr. Teo Dagi, Neuro-surgeon; Chair, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Dr. Ronald Fijalkowski, ARCCAA
  • Philicia Deckard, Brain Injury Association of Illinois
  • Russ Fine, TSI Board Member, Founding director University of Alabama-Birmingham Injury Control Research Center

To register, visit the following link: Buy Valium Ampoules

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  1. Manavalan says:

    hope the conference can come up with very useful information on preventing traumatic brain injury in sports.

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