U.S. Soccer CMO Says Heading Doesn’t Cause Concussions

U.S. Soccer Chief Medical Officer Dr. George Chiampas said in a media conference call that “heading, in and of itself doesn’t cause concussions.”

Chiampas further clarifed his statement that “purposeful heading has not shown to this date scientifically to lead directly to concussions.”

He further noted that the earlier “changes” that U.S. Soccer has made “are based on expert opinion at this point, realizing that science is still evolving.

‘We know that the vast majority of concussions occur when there is contact between players trying to head the ball,” said Chiampas. “Whether that is head-to-head contact, elbow-to-head or their head hitting the ground while challenging for the ball in the air; by reducing the number of those aerial challenges to head the ball, we believe we will decrease the incident of concussions.”

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