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The Arizona Cardinals recently hosted more than 100 mothers and youth football players at a Moms Football Safety Clinic, which took place at the Universidad del Valle de México.

The program covered proper tackling, equipment fitting, heat and hydration education, and concussion awareness. Former Cardinals joined the attendees for on-field drills.

Following the Moms Clinic, 100 youth football coaches participated in a Heads Up Football Player Safety Coach Clinic, where they were introduced to proper equipment fitting, heat and hydration education, and concussion awareness. Anderson and Cantu led the coaches through Heads Up Football tackling drills.

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The Education Commission of the States, an organization that “tracks policy, translates research, provides unbiased advice and creates opportunities for state policymakers to learn from one another,” has provided analysis on how states are addressing the concussion issue.

Among the”national” highlights:

 “With Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant’s signature on Jan. 20, 2014, all states have youth sports concussion laws.
 About half the state laws require coaches to complete a concussion management training program, while 80 percent require coaches get information on recognizing concussions.
 Thirteen states extend concussion law requirements to private entities, such as private schools or youth athletic leagues, in addition to public schools.
 Twelve states offer immunity from civil liability to school districts and employees, officials, volunteers or medical personnel; six don’t create or modify liability.”

The report also highlights three mandates typically employed in state concussion laws:

 “The laws require education for athletes, coaches and parents.
 The laws require removal of a player if he or she is suspected of having a concussion.
 The laws allow a return to play after at least 24 hours, contingent on the approval of a designated health professional.”

To review the material in-depth, visit:


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A team of researchers from Sweden believe they have devised a blood test, which could better diagnose sports-related brain injuries, their long-term consequences, and when athletes can safely return to play.

“In ice hockey and other contact sports, repeated concussions are common, where the brain has not finished healing after the first blow,” Henrik Zetterberg ,of the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg, told Reuters. “This kind of injury is particularly dangerous, but there have not been any methods for monitoring how a concussion in an athlete heals.”

The article went on to summarize the commonly held belief that “while mild concussions don’t generally cause loss of consciousness, they can induce other symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, trouble concentrating, memory problems and headaches. Severe concussions can cause a loss of consciousness. Most concussions get better in days or weeks, but some patients can suffer symptoms more than a year after injury.”

Zetterberg, who led the research team, used all the players in the Swedish Hockey League as a sample.

As part of the study, which was published on Thursday in the journal JAMA Neurology, “the players who had a concussion were asked to provide repeated blood samples, initially directly after the concussion and then also during the following days,” according to the article.

“The results were compared with the pre-season samples from two full teams, and the scientists found that having raised levels of a nerve cell protein called tau in the blood was a marker of concussion.

“By measuring tau levels in regular tests, the researchers could say how severe the concussion was just one hour after the injury, and could predict with a high level of certainty which players would have long-term symptoms and needed to rest longer.”

For the full article, visit


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