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George Washington University to Start Concussion Law Class

The New York Times reported today that George Washington University’s law school will start what it described as “the first course devoted to the legal implications of traumatic brain injuries.”

A weekly seminar, the class will reportedly address brain injuries of all sorts, including those sustained in car accidents and in falls. “But the concussion crisis gripping the N.F.L. is what caught the law school’s attention,” according to the Times.

The class will be taught by Michael Kaplen, an experienced plaintiffs’ lawyer with expertise in the area.Michael Kaplen HEAD SHOT

“It’s a constant battle that really defaults every step of the way to the legal profession to handle on behalf of the millions of people who get injured,” Kaplen told his students last month, according to the paper. “The legal profession becomes, in one way or another, the champion because nobody else is there to do it. The lawyer has to become the doctor, has to become the social worker, has to become the neuroscientist and put that together for the individual.”

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Sports Neuropsychology Concussion Symposium Set for April 25-26 in Dallas

The Sports Neuropsychology Concussion Symposium is set for April 25-26 in Dallas. The Symposium will provide an annual update on the science and practice of sports concussion with the goal of promoting evidence-based management.

The 2014 program covers a broad range of topics with an emphasis on integration of science and practice across topics that are central to sports concussion management, ranging from assessment to rehabilitation, from acute injury to persistent/chronic symptoms, from physical factors to psychological factors, and from childhood to adulthood. We have brought together an internationally recognized, multidisciplinary faculty of sports concussion experts, including our keynote speaker, Erin Bigler, PhD, who will be presenting on The Future of Neuroimaging in Sports Neuropsychology.

Additional speakers include: Julian Bailes, MD (Long Term Consequences of Multiple Concussions and Subconcusive Blows), Jeffrey Barth, PhD (Sports Concussion from the Player’s Perspective); Ruben Echemendia, PhD (Models of Neuropsychological Practice at All Levels of Sport), Gerald Gioia, PhD (Management of Concussion in Youth: Time to Get Active!), Christopher Giza, MD (Pediatric Sports Concussion Management: Practice and Research Perspectives), Kevin Guskiewicz, PhD (Use of Innovative Technologies for the Prevention and Management of Sport-Related Concussion); John Hart, MD (Multidisciplinary Management of Persistent Problems Following Sports Concussion), Grant Iverson, PhD (New Approaches to Data Analyses in Sports Concussion), Harvey Levin, PhD (Rehabilitation in Sports Concussion), Michael McCrea, PhD (Neuropsychological Management of Sports-Related Concussion: An Evidence-Based Approach), Laura Morris, PT (Vestibular Disorders in Concussion Management), Jacob Resch, PhD (Acute/Sideline Management of Concussion), and Frank Webbe, PhD (Expert Panel on Ethical Controversies in Sports Concussion Management).

This symposium is intended for clinical neuropsychologists, physicians, certified athletic trainers, and other medical professionals who treat athletes. The course will also provide vital information to athletic directors, coaches, league/organization personnel, and other non-medical individuals who are responsible for the health and safety of athletes.

Click here to register now!

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International Rugby Board Launches Enhanced Concussion Programme

The International Rugby Board has launched a new resource aimed at educating the public about concussions.

Available at, the “Recognise and Remove” resource has been overseen by a group of independent concussion experts who are working with the IRB to continue to advance concussion education, prevention, management and research.

The resource features a simple guide to concussion for players, coaches, parents and referees, outlines the symptoms and calls upon the rugby community to “Recognise and Remove” any player displaying symptoms or suspected symptoms.

IRB Chairman Bernard Lapasset said: “Concussion education sits at the top of the IRB’s player welfare strategies aimed at informing, supporting and protecting players at all levels of the Game.”file00044633170

“This enhanced resource is designed to assist our unions with changing culture, educating players, coaches and family members at all levels about concussion symptoms and the need to treat any head injury with caution and care.”

Supporting materials include a Recognise and Remove poster (available in 11 languages) and guidance for the general public, which will also be available in 11 languages, while a Recognise and Remove video and social media awareness campaign is being produced featuring some of the biggest names in the Game.

The Independent Concussion Advisory Group members include: Professor Caroline Finch (Injury Prevention Researcher; Federation University Australia); Professor Bob Cantu (Neurosurgeon, Boston University); Dr Willie Stewart (Clinical Neuroscientist, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Glasgow University) and Dr Jon Patricios (Sports Physician, South Africa)

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