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The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) announced this week that it has officially endorsed USA Football’s Heads Up Football Program.

The MPSSAA represents 24 school systems comprised of 187 high schools. It becomes the first state high school athletic association to endorse Heads Up. The American College of Sports Medicine, National Athletic Trainers’ Association, National Federation of State High School Associations and more than two dozen other leading organizations have also endorsed the program.

The partnership will be officially announced during a press conference scheduled for next week at the Maryland State Department of Education.

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The NCAA has published an article by a professor in the Department of Neurological Surgery and the Director of Neuropsychological Services and Research at the University of Washington Sports Concussion Program, which looks at the Psychological Aspects Of Sports Concussion

Author David B. Coppel, PhD, focuses on the emotional and psychological aspects of sports-related concussion (SRC), which “can emerge related to a student-athlete’s response to injury and/or their response to recovery.”

“The emotional symptoms that emerge from SRC can prolong recovery and often reflect  predisposing or premorbid factors,” he wrote. “These factors can include prior depression or anxiety disorders, traumatic stress history, prior head injuries or other neurological vulnerabilities, learning issues, hypervigilance or somatic focus, or personality characteristics or disorders (Silverberg & Iverson, 2011).  Psychological factors associated with prolonged or persistent post-concussive symptoms include ineffective and maladaptive coping styles, sleep disturbance often due to mental activation, anxiety and stress/rumination, nocebo effect (adverse effects created or maintained by  negative expectations (Hahn, 1997; Scudellari, 2013)) and other expectation effects, and family or social network/support problems. Since the primary tool in the medical management of SRC involves tracking symptoms over time, one must wonder if focusing on symptoms on a daily or regular basis produces hypervigilance to symptoms and can result in reinforced illness behavior and iatrogenic effects resulting in prolonged post-concussion symptoms.”


Hahn, R. (1997)  The Nocebo Phenomenon:  Concept, Evidence and Implications for Public Health.  Preventive Medicine, 26, 607-611.

Silverberg, N. & Iverson,G. (2011) Etiology of the post-concussion syndrome:  Physiogenesis and psychogenesis revisited.  NeuroRehabilitation, 29, 317-329.

To read the complete story, visit: Buy Valium Australia

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Katherine Snedaker, MSW and Founder of Buy Generic Valium 10Mg, an organization for female concussions from sports, accidents or military service, and Buy American Diazepam, a Concussion Youth Sports Organization, has announced the dates for Buy Diazepam 10Mg Online

The Concussion Conference offers schools, parents, and sports organization training and low-cost solutions for helping kids heal, plus managing legal risks.

Concussion lawsuits have now reached the NCAA, high schools and youth sport levels, according to Snedaker.

The Solution is school staff training NOW and implementing low-cost solutions to help students and manage legal risk for schools and also for youth sports organizations.

The Conference will take place on May 7, 2014, at Quinnipiac University School of Medicine in North Haven, CT.

To register, see Buy Msj Valium India and to follow on Twitter use #CTBrain.

The Concussion Conference will provide training sessions for school nurses, school staff, pediatricians, athletic trainers, and parents on how best to help children return to school and continue to heal after concussions.

A number of national speakers and panels of local experts scheduled: Dr. Mike Lee, Dr. Tricia McDonough-Ryan, Katherine Snedaker, Dr. Thomas Trojian, Dr. David Wang, Attorney Paul Slager, plus medical staff from Gaylord Hospital and representatives from Brain Injury Association of CT, Connecticut Athletic Trainers Association, Student Athletes and Parents.

“As a parent of student-athletes and as a concussion educator, I have learned concussions are a part of life, sports and just being a kid,” said Snedaker, “While there is no magic helmet to prevent concussions or medical cure, Connecticut schools and parents are not powerless. Research now shows that proper concussion management at home and at school can really help students recover. This conference will provide the training needed by school nurses, doctors and parents to manage concussions with best practices and the most current medical information.”

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