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It’s that time of month when we break out a new issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter.

Here’s the table of contents:

Court Sides with Cheerleader in Claim against Coach

A federal judge as granted summary judgment to a school district, which was sued by a cheerleader, who was injured in practice almost a decade ago. However, the court left intact her claim against the coach, finding that a jury could reasonably conclude that the risk of significant injury from a fall onto the hard flooring surface was foreseeable and a fairly direct result of (the coach’s) decision to proceed with the stunt in the absence of appropriate matting.

Cutting Edge Information Provided at Penn State Concussion Conference

By Gary Wolensky, ESQ. On October 11 and 12, Penn State University hosted a Concussion in Athletics Conference.  Expert physicians, scientists, and researchers from a variety of disciplines descended on Happy Valley in order to present the latest research in understanding, diagnosing and treating concussions, and potential reforms to minimize the risk of mild traumatic brain injuries. While this short article could not possibly begin to provide even a cursory summary of the proceedings, the presentation of Dr. Robert Cantu, Cofounder of the Sports Legacy Institute, does stand out.

ImPACT’s Reliability Challenged in Court

By Paul Anderson, Editor. ImPACT dominates the market when it comes to sideline assessment and concussion evaluation. In fact, it has become so popular its use is encouraged in Rhode Island’s return-to-play law. According to ImPACT’s website, it is “the most-widely used, and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system.” The software has become the go-to tool to determine whether an athlete should be allowed to return-to-play after suffering a concussion. Recently, though, ImPACT has drawn fire from the scientific community for failing to identify concussions and prematurely allowing athletes to return-to-play.

The NFL Concussion Crisis and the Doctor-Patient Relationship

By Andrew M. Blecher MD.  If you are reading this then you are already well aware of the current concussion crisis in the NFL.  No matter where on the spectrum your opinions lie regarding this topic, there is one question that still remains:  How did we get here?  Surely if something has gone wrong then there must be someone to blame for it.  Was it the league’s fault?  The coaches?  The players?  The doctors?  Maybe it is the injury itself that’s to blame?  Perhaps it was just the perfect storm of a number of factors that put us in this situation?  To truly get to the bottom of this, it is important to have a better understanding of the doctor-patient relationship.

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Disability Claim of Football Player, Suffering from Past Concussions, Other Injuries

By Kelly Mulcahy. On September 11, 2012 the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit rejected a man’s claim for expansive disability benefits yet again. In a published opinion, the court effectively ended extensive litigation that included an arbitration, a lawsuit against the NFL retirement plan, and several appeals. A former player for the New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins from 1987-1996, he sought “Football Degenerative” disability benefits.

Maine Cheerleader Sues School District and Coach After Suffering Concussion

A former high school cheerleader, who suffered a concussion almost three years ago after she reportedly fell 20 feet and suffered a concussion during a cheerleading practice, has sued her coach and the school district in a negligence lawsuit.

Parental Decisions Can Undercut Good Concussion Laws

By Tommy Dean, ATC, LAT. You can’t turn on the TV today or open the newspaper without hearing about concussions. It seems like over the last few years there have been more superstar athletes who have suffered this injury, especially from those who played “back in the day” and are now coming forward and bringing their multitude of recent struggles to the forefront that have been caused by multiple concussions. But the problem doesn’t start in the NFL. It starts at the youth level. It starts at home.

Youth Sports Executive: Pop Warner Incident Could Have Been Prevented

By Cadie Carroll. In the wake of a recent incident resulting in the injury of five young athletes and the suspension of several Central Massachusetts Pop Warner coaches and league presidents, one youth football industry executive suggested to Concussion Litigation Reporter that such incidents could be prevented if the minimum age for playing tackle football is pushed to 14. “We know from numerous studies that youth concussions are growing at an alarming rate,” said Brian Sanders, President and COO of i9 Sports, a national youth sports organization. “The best way to prevent children from being injured in football is … .”

Where State Athletic Associations Stand on Concussions

(Editor’s note: What follows is a sampling of responses to key questions asked of state athletic association officials this fall about today’s concussions issues.)

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Valium Cheap Online

Just as the legal activity around sports concussions across all age groups and all sports is intensifying, so to is our coverage of these developments in Concussion Litigation Reporter.

The October 2012 issue features 11 original articles that report on the news as well as provide analysis abbout legal developments in sports concussion law.

At the same time, we will continue to keep our finger on the pulse of the daily news in this area and share important developments on our blog — Concussion Policy and the Law.

What follows is the Table of Contents:

‘Head Cases”—The University Of Texas’ Fall 2012 Symposium Examines Concussions and Litigation

Mouth Guard Maker Draws Fire over Claims; Lawyers, Others Weigh In

Assessing Concussion Litigation and the Potential Issues

Former College Football Player Sues School in Concussion Suit

Attorney Charles Gfeller Builds out His Sports Concussion Practice

Raising the Bar: A Comparative Legislative Review of Concussion Safety Laws in United States and Canada

Former High School Football Player Makes Chilling Allegations against School District, Coach

Head Injury, Stress and Reactions to Medications and Drugs

Magistrate Is Unwilling to Grant Discovery Sanctions in Concussion Case Involving Ski Accident

Former Soccer Player Sues Professional and Its Former Coach

Is an Attitude Adjustment in Order for the Coaching Profession?

To subscribe, visit Order Valium Online Overnight

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Buy Valium 5Mg Uk

For those of you who are focused on the legal side of the concussion issue, the August issue of Buy Diazepam 10Mg Online Uk has been posted. The issue features eight original stories:

  • Proving Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in  California Athlete Workers’ Compensation Cases
  • Assessment  and Prevention of Traumatic Brain Injury in High School, College, and  Professional Football: A Catastrophe Spinning Out of Control
  • Systematically Managing the Risks of  Sports Concussions
  • Fundamentals  Of A Concussion Policy: Education, Reaction, And Return
  • Insurance Coverage For Concussion Lawsuits
  • Concussion: Protecting Athletes and the Educational  Institution
  • New York Attorneys  Assess State’s New Student-Athlete Concussion Law
  • Concussion Litigation  against the NCAA Is Gathering Momentum

Subscribers to CLR will also have access to dozens of other stories in the archive.

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