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‘Head Contusion,’ But Not a Concussion for Curry … OK

Did Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors suffer a concussion in that horrific fall on his back and neck last night in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals?

We may never know the real truth.

What we do know is that Warriors general manager Bob Myers said Curry did not have a concussion. “If he did, he wouldn’t have played,” he told the media. “That’s a pretty hard line.”

The Warriors, like other teams, test for “brain function, via a neurological and cognitive assessment,” after a suspected concussion. The results of this are supposed to be compared to a baseline test taken during the pre-season.

The point is, basketball is not like football, or even soccer, where the risk of second-impact syndrome is significant for a concussed athlete. Therefore, the return-to-play options for a superstar basketball player may not be as stringent as for other sports.

The Warriors ultimately said Curry suffered a “head contusion.”

Regardless of what was the real diagnosis, Curry should have never returned to the game as he did last night. It was not worth the risk.

You be the judge. Here’s the video: http://www.sportsgrid.com/nba/steph-curry-takes-brutal-fall-on-his-head-in-houston/

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ImPACT Applications Launches Neurocognitive Testing Program for Businesses

ImPACT Applications, Inc., developer of the ImPACT© Test and the ImPACT Concussion Management Model, has released a neurocognitive assessment product for businesses, corporations and occupational medicine. ImPACT© Workplace – the latest addition to ImPACT’s line of products – “is designed to provide employers, healthcare providers, and wellness professionals with an empirically validated, reliable and valid procedure for evaluating the neurocognitive status of their employee or patient,” according to the company.

ImPACT Workplace offers corporations “an efficient, convenient and cost effective way of incorporating neurocognitive evaluation into their health and wellness programs, critical employee evaluations, or return to work protocols. Since ImPACT Workplace removes subjectivity from the decision process, it is ideal for post-injury job accommodation determinations and return-to-work decisions.”

The company notes that “more and more companies are realizing that healthy neurocognitive functioning of their employees can play a crucial role” in workplace efficiency and productivity.

“Typically, companies have focused their wellness-at-work programs on reducing physical risk factors such as smoking, obesity, and diabetes,” said Michael Wahlster, chief executive officer of ImPACT Applications. “Forward thinking companies are turning their attention to assessing neurocognitive status as part of these wellness programs, as well as using it to help guide management decisions.”


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NATA Honors ‘Safe Schools’ for Athletes

The National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) has identified dozens of schools that have “gone above and beyond to help ensure the safety of their student athletes,” earning a “Safe Sports School” designation.

In a press release, NATA President Jim Thornton noted that many of the schools go the extra mile by employing multiple athletic trainers and making baseline testing a forgone conclusion.

To see a full list of the recipients, visit: http://www.nata.org/safe-sports-school-recipients


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