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The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) announced earlier this week the implementation of procedures, which it hopes will limit live contact and improve player safety. The procedure goes into effect August 1, the first practice day of the 2016 season.

During the regular season, live contact will be restricted to 30 minutes per day and 80 minutes total per week. Live contact, defined as drills with game-like conditions where players are taken to the ground, will not occur on more than two consecutive days and may not exceed three practice days per week.Buy Valium London

Furthermore, from day six through the Monday of the first regular season game (or end of spring practice), live contact will be limited to 40 minutes each day, with no more than two straight days of live contact. During two-a-days, only one practice shall include live contact and it shall not surpass 40 minutes.

“The game of football will always come with some inherent risk, but we will never stop working to try and make one of the greatest team sports on earth safer,” FHSAA Football Administrator Frank Beasley said. “We will continue our efforts to educate and teach coaches on the Drive to December about how to run effective practices while using the limited-contact procedures.”

The FHSAA worked alongside Practice Like Pros founder Terry O’Neil in coming up with the procedure. With endorsements from NCAA Executive Vice President Oliver Luck, Dr. James Andrews of the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine and football legends such as Archie Manning, O’Neil has worked with high school associations nationally to improve player safety in America.

“As a trendsetter and a top-three football state, Florida sends this message nationally,” said O’Neil. “In order to preserve the game we love on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, let’s mitigate risk Monday through Thursday.”

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Not buying it.

A study recently published by JAMA Pediatrics concluded that “although heading is the most common activity associated with concussions, the most frequent mechanism was athlete-athlete contact. Such information is needed to drive evidence-based, targeted prevention efforts to effectively reduce soccer-related concussions. Although banning heading from youth soccer would likely prevent some concussions, reducing athlete-athlete contact across all phases of play would likely be a more effective way to prevent concussions as well as other injuries.”Valium Prices Online

Contact is part of the game in soccer, and much of it is anticipated. You don’t have to have a PhD to know that its the unanticipated contact in sports that leads to the most significant head injuries — the wide receiver blind-sided on a crossing route, the basketball player who doesn’t see the hard pick, OR the soccer players that bang heads in mid-air in an attempt to head the ball.

This isn’t the time to ban all headers in soccer, but perhaps restrict their use in practice and in youth soccer. Soccer already has a mechanism for dealing with excessive “”athlete-athlete contact.” The simple growing awareness of the risk of concussion will color how referees call the game. Leave it alone.

The bigger issue is recognizing concussion and following conservative return-to-play protocol.

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Determining susceptibility for concussions has arrived, according to a story making the rounds last week.

Specifically, doctors at the Rochester (NY) Holistic Center noted that the SportSafe genetic swab test can help determine what variation of the APO E gene a child or adult carries.

Those who carry the E4 variation of the gene may have a harder time recovering from concussions, and are more likely to suffer serious consequences from them.

An article by Time Warner Cable News suggested the test “is 100 percent accurate.” Yet, curiously, “insurance does not cover the $250 cost.” But that it may be worth it anyway for the “peace of mind for parents who worry about their children playing contact sports.”

For the full article, visit:

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