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GHSAA Limits Contact in Football in Nod to Concussion Prevention

The Georgia High School Athletic Association’s executive committee has unanimously approved rules that will limit full contact on the football field to 45 minutes per day and 135 minutes per week in the spring and preseason.

The limits are even more restrictive during during the regular season and post-season, where teams may only participate in full contact for 30 minutes per day and 90 minutes per week. In addition, they cannot have full contact over three consecutive days.

Each school must also keep a detailed daily practice plan. GHSAA members that violate the rules will be fined the first time, and banned from postseason play if it happens again.

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When Is Big and Powerful a Concussion Risk?

I was a big kid growing up. So they didn’t let me play with the normal-sized 7th graders. Back then, we might call that unfair. Today, we call that prudent .

Take for example what is going on with the Baylor University football team.

Yahoo Sports recently wrote about Baylor’s decision to put a no-contact restriction for its players when it comes to tackling tight end LaQuan McGowan.

McGowan is no ordinary football player. He is 6-foot-7, 400-plus pounds, and possesses the nickname, “The Annihilator.”

The school ultimately put no-contact restrictions on McGowan so he wouldn’t injure his defensive teammates in the spring. But the risk of concussion and other injuries will be present for opponents when the season starts.

“Me and a linebacker (Grant Campbell) went head-to-head and it didn’t end well,” McGowan told the media about a spring encounter. “They’re going to take the chains off (for the first game). I’m going to come out with a full head of steam.”

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High School Coaches Opine on WIAA New Contact Rules

Last month, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association introduced new contact rules designed to limit concussions in high school football.

Per the new rules, major contact will not be allowed the first week, limited to 75 minutes the second week, and 60 minutes each week thereafter.

In a recent article in the Leader-Telegram, a Wisconsin paper, various high school coaches gave their opinion on the new mandates.

Fall Creek football coach Josh Tumm, for example, worried about the new rules’ effect on evaluating linemen.

“That’s definitely our biggest concern is getting our linemen ready to go,” he said. “That drill time where you teach guys to block man-on-man and working on some of that footwork that helps kids learn how to block, that’s limited. That’s definitely a concern about how we play football, because it is based on the power run.”1-IMG_1890 (2)

Durand football coach Rod Rosemeyer echoed that concern, suggesting that blocking a stationary bag is not the same as a “moving target.”

“We do block a lot on bags, but anybody can block on a bag,” he said. “You don’t really get a good understanding unless you’re blocking a moving target. We’re going to have to be very careful with the time we use and make sure we’re more efficient. We’ll probably move at a faster pace so we make sure we don’t go over the time allotment.”

To see the full story, visit: http://www.leadertelegram.com/sports/article_b694e720-0fc6-11e4-9850-0019bb2963f4.html

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