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Damaged goods seem to have no place in the NFL. Players are expendable…it’s that simple. Too much head trauma and you’re gone. That of course leaves the team open to legal recourse, which they’re apparently willing to endure, considering their resources.

Take the case of receiver Laurent Robinson. He was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars, “after suffering four concussions in 2012.” And that led to filing a grievance. Robinson hopes “to be paid his 2013 base salary of $2.6 million.”

Robinson’s free-agent contract in 2012 was for $32.5 million. However he was released after one season. “His 2013 salary was guaranteed for injury until April 5,” the media reported. “He told the newspaper he ‘definitely wasn’t ready to be cleared’ in January when the Jaguars did so, but he is symptom-free now.”

Robinson has made it clear he wants to play this season. The question is, will he get the chance? Are their doubts in lieu of his concussions? Will someone take a good look at him? Robinson certainly hopes so, confident that given the opportunity to work out with a team, he has a chance.

Robinson’s circumstances are no different than a lot of players. They play through injury so as not to let their teammates down. They play through practices as if there’s no problem. All of which sets them up for future head trauma problems. Of course he received a $14 million guarantee from the Jags.

Maybe it’s time to retire, regardless of age, and live off the interest from the signing bonus. Why is that so hard to accept?

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