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Josh Palubicki, the Chief Media Officer for Brock USA – “America’s leading manufacturer of shock pads for artificial turf fields,” recently played up his company’s product in an article labeled “Sponsored Content” in Athletics Business.

“Shock pads have been protecting athletes for over a decade and recently have become a key element in the majority of new-build field specifications, according to historical bid data,” wrote Palubicki.Valium Online Buy Uk

“Shock pad adoption has steadily grown as research continues to shed light on the correlation between sports turf and concussions. One in five concussions occur from the head hitting the playing surface, stated a report by the Concussion Legacy Foundation. A study done for the NFL in 2015 found the playing surface was the primary cause of concussions in 24 percent of the cases from that season. Of course, shock pads only affect injury rates on artificial turf and concussions still occur on natural grass, so why would the NFL get behind shock pads? The answer lies in a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons that found injury rates are higher on third-generation artificial turf fields (turf-over-stone, rubber/sand infill) versus natural grass fields.”

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The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) has issued a warning to athletes and parents of athletes to thoroughly understand the extent of protection provided by – or not provided by – athletic equipment worn while playing sports.

The warning was issued to counter claims made by several companies that make products such as head bands, supplements or mouth guards, which they claim reduce the incident of concussion.Valium Prices Online

NOCSAE, an independent organization with “the dual purpose of setting standards for the performance of athletic equipment and funding research necessary to advance the science of sports,” issued the following statement through Mike Oliver, its executive director:

“Parents, athletes and coaches are becoming more informed about concussions, and this increased awareness is vitally important to advancing athlete safety. But it also creates a demand for quick solutions. Unfortunately there are quick solutions offered for sale which have neither scientific nor medical support that validate their claims to prevent or reduce concussions. Any device or supplement promoted as being able to prevent, diagnose or cure a concussion must be supported by scientific data and peer-reviewed research. Currently there is no definitive scientific research linking mouth guards, head bands, supplements or other specialty products to a reduction in concussion risk or severity. For companies to suggest otherwise misleads athletes, parents and coaches into a dangerous false sense of protection against concussion. NOCSAE warns athletes and parents of athletes to get the facts about sports equipment and concussion protection and not rely solely on marketing and promotional materials when making equipment decisions.”

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