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ImPACT Selected by New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal to Support Head Injury Prevention Program

ImPACT Applications, Inc., developer of the ImPACT® test and ImPACT Concussion Management Model, has announced a partnership with New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR), provider of property and casualty insurance programs for New York State public schools and Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), to introduce “a comprehensive” Head Injury Prevention Program.

The Head Injury Prevention Program is designed to help subscriber school districts manage student athlete injuries and train faculty and staff to recognize, respond to and prevent school-sports-related concussions. NYSIR’s program utilizes ImPACT for neurocognitive baseline and post-injury concussion testing and to educate athletic directors, trainers, coaches, physical education instructors and school nurses on concussion management.

ImPACT testing and training is currently being phased in by NYSIR and by the end of February, NYSIR plans to have the Head Injury Prevention Program in every subscriber school district—over 350 New York public school districts altogether.  School sports covered by NYSIR’s agreement with ImPACT will include football, basketball, diving, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, softball, cheerleading, field hockey, wrestling and alpine skiing.

“For 26 years,” notes NYSIR President Carleen Millsaps, “we have been a leading insurer of New York’s public schools. The ImPACT-NYSIR partnership is a giant leap forward in our endeavors to continually provide programs and services that protect our subscribers’ student athletes, and a positive step in the education of school officials and staff about the risks of sports related head injuries.”

“ImPACT is honored to partner with NYSIR in its Head Injury Protection Program,” says Michael Wahlster, Chief Executive Officer of ImPACT Applications. “The organization is leading a national trend where innovative insurers recognize the important role they can play in helping subscribers implement an end-to-end concussion management program.”

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USA Diving Coaches Now Required to Complete Concussion Awareness Training

From USADiving.org:

Concussion is a hot topic in the sports world due to the potential seriousness of the injury. Diving is a limited contact sport. It is important to recognize a concussion and seek medical attention as the brain is in a “vulnerable” state during this period. Another head injury during the post-injury period can significantly prolong post-concussion symptoms or even be life threatening.

USA Diving and its medical team are committed to providing education and guidelines for athletes, coaches and parents regarding the recognition and management of concussions. The safety of divers sustaining head injuries is of paramount importance to the health of competitive divers.

Effective January 15, 2016, all USA Diving coach members will be required to have completed a concussion awareness training course. See below for more information.

We also encourage all coaches to review the information and material available on USA Diving’s Concussion Resources page, which includes information on symptoms to watch for, action plans and information sheets that coaches may wish to distribute to athletes and their parents.

Concussion Awareness Training Course – What to do

1. Coaches must take a Concussion Awareness Training Course. This will be a one-time requirement. Coaches may choose to take either the CDC Heads Up course or the National Federation of High SchoolsConcussion in Sports course.

2. After the course has been completed, submit a copy of your certificate to Aurelie Gibson atAurelie.Gibson@usadiving.org. If you have previously taken one of the courses, USA Diving will accept certificates from within the past two years. Please provide a certificate dated no earlier than January 15, 2014 as proof of having previously completed a concussion awareness training course.

3. Current members: To avoid a lapse in your membership, the course must be completed by January 15, 2016. If you have not completed a course by that date, your membership will revert to pending status.

4. Any coaches who register with USA Diving after January 15, 2016 must complete the concussion course before their membership becomes current. (All other membership requirements must also be met.)

5. Coaches are also encouraged to review the information and material available on USA Diving’sConcussion Resources page, which includes information on symptoms to watch for, action plans and information sheets that coaches may wish to distribute to athletes and their parents.

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