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Alabama Doctor Says It Is About Limiting Risk of Concussion, Not Eliminating Football

Dr. Sara Gould, of UAB Sports Medicine at Children’s of Alabama, has gone on record with an op-ed piece in the Birmingham News that society should look to limiting the risk of concussion, rather than eliminating football.

Dr. Gould notes in the article, basically, that the good that comes from participating in “sports,” outweighs the risk of concussion. However, should did express some concerns.2012-12-08 13.48.45

“We know some practices are dangerous (Oklahoma drills in pee-wee leagues, for instance),” she wrote.  “There are things that can be done to limit the risk of concussions while preserving all of the benefits of sports.  For example, the Seattle Seahawks implemented several techniques to try to make tackling safer.

“Another concept that needs to be studied further is at what age is it safe to begin tackling? Youth baseball had great success in implementing age restrictions on pitch counts and mandated rest days to prevent upper extremity injuries among young players.  Similarly, age restrictions for tackling and mandated limits on contact practices could be imposed in football to mitigate the risk of concussion.”

For the full article, visit: http://www.al.com/opinion/index.ssf/2016/01/concussion_conversation_is_abo.html



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AD Writes Letter, Critical of Picture of Hit that Lead to Concussion

Ross Bjork, Director of Athletics at the University of Mississippi, has written a letter criticizing the picture that the Memphis Commercial Appeal used on in its sports section following the University of Memphis’ upset victory over the Rebels. The picture showed memphis commercial appeal “smash hit” football mississippi concussion Ole Miss player Robert Nkemdiche crumpled on the ground with Tiger players standing over him. Bjork wrote:

“After careful thought and consideration, I feel compelled to express my disappointment in the way you reported the outcome of the Auburn vs. Ole Miss game. Specifically, the way you sensationalized a moment with a grossly depicted image that affects a young man’s life. Furthermore, your response to criticism from readers could be described as nothing short of digging your heels in. Quite simply and most disappointing, you showed no signs of remorse for the incredible lapse of judgment.

“We run our athletics department with a well-defined purpose, and we operate daily using seven core values to guide us. Together, those core values comprise our “line in the sand,” and we will defend them when attacked. It is our belief that your actions are at odds with two of those core values: Student-Athlete Welfare and Social Responsibility. So, it is for that reason that I have written to you.

“In closing, we know of no other newspaper that has used such a graphic image of a student-athlete’s injury in such a sensationalist way and sincerely hope you have not created a precedent for this type of crass journalism.”

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Who’s to Blame for Iowa High School Football Player’s Concussion?

(Editor’s Note: What follows is a brief excerpt from a contributed article in the July 2015 Concussion Litigation Alert. For the rest of the article and numerous others, please subscribe at https://concussionpolicyandthelaw.com/subscribe/)

By Clayton Hasbrook, of Hasbrook & Hasbrook

The details surrounding high schooler Kacey Strough’s football-related brain injury are tragic. So many things happened to the student that parents and the public never want to see happen to any of our children.

But who is to blame? We all need to think through the answer to that question.

Strough, who lived with his grandmother, was a 16-year-old freshman in Bedford, Iowa, when he first suited up for the high school football team in October 2012. Today, at age 18, he has suffered permanent brain damage, is unable to walk, and uses a wheelchair.

Shortly after he took to the field as a rookie on the Bedford High team, Strough was bullied by fellow teammates, who repeatedly threw footballs at his head from six feet away. Soon after that, Strough began complaining that he was experiencing headaches and double vision. He went to the school nurse to report his symptoms. The youth continued to participate in football practice.

What nobody, not even Strough and his family, knew … (to read the rest of the story, please consider subscribing)

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