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Helmet HALO Technologies Introduces New Tool Designed to Improve Tackling & Blocking Techniques

The new HITRight sensor from Helmet HALO Technologies is “an on-field, in-helmet teaching aid that helps train young football players to use proper ‘heads up’ placement, resulting in greater player awareness of form when tackling and blocking.” Whenever the player’s head is positioned into a downward direction, the HITRight sensor sounds an audible alert. Keeping the player’s head in the proper position minimizes head and neck injuries.

Prior to the development of the HITRight sensor, impact data was gathered after the fact. Now, with HITRight, real time input can be accumulated for use in improving “proper tackling and blocking techniques.”

The HITRight sensor device is attached directly to the inside of the helmet. Whenever the audible alarm goes off, the player knows that “they are not in proper ‘heads up’ form.”

Says Jerome Tomlin, President of Helmet HALO Technologies, “Minimizing the number of concussions and spinal injuries incurred on the youth football field begins with coaching and reinforcement of correct tackling and blocking technique.”

Tomlin emphasizes that the use of the HITRight sensor “can be that personal and continual on-field coach for each player, whether it is running drills, playing a scrimmage or a game.”

This new teaching aid sells for $59.99, and can be purchased this summer at www.eastbay.com.

View this video for a demo of the HITRight sensor –


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