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The Panthers hosted their first Heads Up Football Moms Clinic in partnership with USA Football last week. Nearly 100 local moms attended the clinic at Bank of America Stadium.

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera welcomed the moms, who spent an interactive evening learning about the importance of the Heads Up Football initiative.Valium Online Buy Uk

Carolina Panthers head athletic trainer Ryan Vermillion led an information session on how to properly manage heat and hydration for youth players, as well as concussion recognition and response.  USA Football master trainer Ez Smith demonstrated proper fitting for helmet and shoulder pads.

“We hope all of these moms can now go back to their community and advocate to make sure their coaches are Heads Up Football certified,” said Smith.

Stephanie Rivera, wife of Coach Rivera and former a WNBA coach, was an active contributor throughout the clinic, participating in an informative panel discussion and leading moms through a series of football drills with current Panthers players.

“We want to help moms make decisions about their kids’ sports participation with confidence—this includes understanding good coaching, proper techniques and player safety,” said Rivera.

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National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell and USA Football Executive Director Scott Hallenbeck continued along a proactive path when it comes to concussion awareness, meeting, along with several experts, with bloggers on Wednesday at a luncheon at NFL Headquarters.

“If you don’t know what’s going on, you’re trusting that the coach knows what’s going on,” Hallenbeck said to the bloggers, who author sites for parents. “The fact is, they don’t all know what they’re talking about.”

Goodell gave an example: “If your kid’s coach is having scrimmages at every practice, that’s unacceptable.”

The duo were joined by Dr. Elizabeth Pieroth, neuropsychologist and head injury consultant to the Chicago Bears; Dr. Gerard Gioia, Chief of Neuropsychology for the Children’s National Medical Center; Kelly Sarmiento of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC); and Corie Elkin, a mother, who is part of USA Football’s Valium Prescriptions Online program.

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