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Provocative Second-Impact Syndrome Article Headlines Latest Issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter

The September issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter features many great stories. But one in particular may strike a nerve. Steven E. Pachman, Esq., Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads and Kimberly L. Sachs, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law co-wrote an article entitled “Second Impact Syndrome: Diagnosis versus Myth.”

Other stories in the issue include:

Appeals Court Grants Relief to Riddell in Coverage Action

Jury Awards Concussed Softball Player $1.1 Million

Court Filing Urges Helmet Requirements to Protect Women Lacrosse Players

New Study Suggests Brain is in Recovery Mode Long After Athletes Have Been Cleared to Return to Play

The Golden State’s Golden Payouts No Longer Available to All Retired Athletes

Insurance Company and Conference Reportedly Settle Coverage Question

Letters of Protection, Deferred Medical Payments, and the Law

Attorney Assails CTE Study, Praises the Benefits of ‘Combat’ Sports

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Family of High School Lacrosse Player Sues over Concussion

(Editor’s Note: What follows is an excerpt from an article that appeared in the June issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter. To see the full story, please subscribe at https://concussionpolicyandthelaw.com/subscribe/)

The family of high school lacrosse player Kendalle Holley has sued the School Board of Orange County (Fla.), the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), and an opposing Lacrosse player, after the opposing lacrosse player struck her in the head with a stick and caused a concussion.

The plaintiffs went on to claim that Holley, who plays for East River High School, was not properly evaluated, leading her to be reinserted in the game, causing a “severe exacerbation” of her injury, which they described as “continuing” and “permanent” …

(Subscribers can access the actual complaint in our document repository here: concussionpolicyandthelaw.com/concussion-litigation-reporter/concussion-litigation-reporter-documents. To subscribe, visit https://concussionpolicyandthelaw.com/subscribe/)

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Family Seeks Millions in Wake of Defendants’ Alleged Failure to Follow Concussion Protocol

(Editor’s Note: What follows is an excerpt from a summary that appeared in the April issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter. To subscribe, visit the following link – https://concussionpolicyandthelaw.com/subscribe/)

The family of a high school football player has sued a group of defendants—including the school district, its insurers, the employer of an athletic trainer, and multiple individual defendants—after the player was inserted into a game before he had been given medical clearance to return to play from a concussion he had suffered a week earlier.

The player suffered the first concussion in the fall of 2014 and was taken to an emergency room where he was diagnosed with a minor concussion.

He rested at home for a couple days, bypassing both the classroom and the practice field. He then went to see a doctor at the, who evaluated him and affirmed the diagnosis of a concussion. The doctor told him he was not to resume practice and gave him a note to give to the coach.

The coach exchanged text messages with an athletic trainer, who was employed by the clinic, who said the player could possibly have the flu, according to the lawsuit. (for the details in the case and the rest of the summary, please subscribe to Concussion Litigation Reporter)

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