Company Reveals that Pittsburgh Steelers Players Were Protected by UNEQUAL’s Concussion Reduction Technology (CRT™)

A Philadelphia company has highlighted the fact that the helmets of several Pittsburgh Steelers players were fitted with a patented Concussion Reduction Technology. (CRT™). The product, which was created by UNEQUAL Technologies (, is a patented composite made with military grade technology and fused with DuPont™ Kevlar®, which the company claims is five times stronger than steel and considered the world’s best shock suppression material.

CRT™ was first put in Steelers players’ helmets when James Harrison, their all pro linebacker, was injured in a collision with a Houston Texans player and suffered an orbital fracture in his right eye socket. With the equipped helmet he was cleared to play ahead of schedule.

“Harrison called Rob Vito, Unequal’s CEO, to thank him for putting Unequal CRT™ in his helmet, proclaiming it was the first time he did not experience post-game head pain or ringing in his ears,” according to the press release. Harrison also said CRT™ offered “incredible protection and gave him the confidence to stay aggressive on the field.”

More recently, Steelers’ Troy Polamalu, “sustained a concussion and there was speculation as to whether he would play.” However, Unequal visited the Steelers’ locker room to retrofit Polamalu’s helmet with CRT, and “Polamalu returned to the field with confidence and had a spectacular game.”

Rob Vito, CEO of UNEQUAL Technologies, said: “Whether it is protecting Cowboys’ Tony Romo’s broken ribs or James Harrison’s head injury, our patented Head and Body Armor made with ballistic grade Kevlar®, protects athletes from head to toe. It gives them the added protection that typical pads and helmets just can’t offer. Athletes report a feeling of invincibility that enables them to hit harder and go further because they know Unequal is the best protection that helps keep them safe and reduce their chances of injury.”


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