NFL Takes Another Step Toward Implementing an Appropriate Concussion Policy

The NFL revealed earlier this week a plan to install a “certified athletic trainer” at each game, who will monitor play and provide medical personnel with “any relevant information that may assist them in determining the most appropriate evaluation and treatment.”

Their role will be “to provide information to team medical staffs that might have been missed due to a lack of a clear view of the play or because they were attending to other players or duties,” according to the league. However, the trainers will not diagnose or prescribe treatment.

Like the instant replay official, the trainer will be situated in a sky box, where he or she will have access to video replay as well as direct communication to each team’s medical staff. However, they will not have the authority to pull a player from a game.

The league added that “in most cases, the athletic trainer will be affiliated with a major college program in the area or will have previously been affiliated with an NFL club.”

The NFL is clearly hoping this step will help what is fast becoming an alarming issued for the league.

“Clubs also were reminded of the importance of team coaching and medical staffs continuing to work together to ensure that full information is available at all times to medical staffs,” according to the league.

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