Companies Highlight Concussion Baseline Cognitive Test Product with Press Release

A couple companies are hoping that the availability of their product will mean that parents no longer have to take their children to clinics and doctor’s offices for cognitive baseline testing.

Parents now have the option of administering baseline tests to their children in their own homes, according to the companies Axons Sports ( and Korrio. Specifically, Axons is making its Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT) on to Korrio’s sports automation platform Playflow. Their collaboration will also allow parents to have mobile, password-protected access to the test results at any time, giving them the ability to share the results with coaches, doctors and trainers in the event of an injury.

The companies claim that the combined product will be made available in a convenient and affordable format (less than ten minutes and $10 per child). The integration will be complete on April 1. Until then Korrio users can access CCAT at

According to the company, the test is “easy” for kids to understand and fun to take. It even features playing cards, which foster a game-like attitude and encourages a “best effort” baseline.

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