Canadian Organizations Embark on Concussion Survey

Five sports organization in Canada announced yesterday that they have joined forces to collect information about concussions and communicate the survey’s findings with the stated objective of reducing the rate and severity of concussions as well as other brain-related injuries

Pat Waslen, executive director of Football B.C., told the Vancouver Courier that Canada has lagged far behind the U.S. in concussion research. He added that the survey, which is being implemented by the non-profit Sports Information Resource Centre, will spread awareness about the problem, and lead to the creation of a list of rules, which could be enforced at a provincial or federal level.

Some measures have already been implemented, such as an online training course, which Football B.C. coaches will be required to take, starting April 15. Waslen pointed to the introduction of Bill 206, a concussion in youth sports safety act that will help regulate and educate the sometimes deadly injuries, as another good initial step.

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