Controversy Brews Over Whether Player Competed After Suffering Concussion

A Canadian paper recently reported that Carey Price, Montreal Canadiens goaltender, may have played too soon after suffering a concussion. While the original story claimed that Price was injured last week when teammate David Desharnais ran into him during a drill, it is now being reported that he was actually injured on March 20. Price has played in four games, taking seven flights, since March 20.

The National Hockey League’s program to identify and treat concussions has come under fire as a result of Price’s delayed decision to tell the team’s medical staff that he was having persistent headaches. Price is not the first Canadien to continue playing with concussion-like symptoms. Mathieu Darche experienced headaches for a week before he sought medical attention. However, it was later determined that he had an inner-ear infection.

These cases highlight the importance of a medical staff being proactive about concussion, rather than waiting for a player to tell them about concussion-like symptoms.

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