Junior Seau’s Death Fans Speculation around Link Between Concussions and Suicide

If researchers do get around to examining Junior Seau’s brain, they will almost assuredly focus on whether head trauma can lead to far greater consequences down the road.

The Epstein Law Firm, P.A, in New Jersey highlighted quotes from Harry Carson, the ex-New York Giants player, about a connection between neurological problems and suicidal feelings. Player depression, in many cases, may have little to do with the fact they’re no longer playing the game. As he stated, from his own personal experiences, “You’re depressed because you’re having neurological issues that are very difficult to describe.”

One interesting aspect of The Epstein Law Firm, P.A post was the focus being placed on lawsuits dealing with the long-term effects of brain damage currently existing with retired NFL players. The “Epstein” post goes on to mention that this type of damage is not limited to the NFL, college, or even high school players. One can only wonder at this juncture what new issues re: liability, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention for people in all walks of life will arise outside the sports world.

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