Concussion Lawsuits May Soon Blanket College Football

Listen carefully. You can hear the noise.

It may be just a matter time before a flood of lawsuits are brought by former college football players, who experienced one too many dings in the head while representing their school on the gridiron.

FoxSports Kansas City ran a story yesterday — — that quoted Johnno Lazetich, a former Kansas State University football player as saying:

“It’s beautiful that the NFL alumni association are lobbying as hard as they are. There needs to be something at the college level for all of us who blew out their knees, blew out our shoulders, in addition to concussions. There needs to be help for us.”

A few days earlier, another story ran in the Phoenix Business Journal, where sports lawyer Travis Leach of Jennings, Strous & Salmon noted that there has already been lawsuits filed against the NCAA, college football teams and their medical personnel.

Leach added: “Depending on what the outcome of these pending cases are, complaints could extend to individual universities and medical professionals who worked for teams and/or universities.”

And as we have seen with the NFL, where one concussion lawsuit is filed, many, many more will follow.

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