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Hackney Publications Launches Concussion Litigation Reporter

Hackney Publications, the publisher of Concussion Policy and the Law, will announce Monday the launch of Concussion Litigation Reporter (CLR), the industry’s first newsletter devoted exclusively to the legal side of the sports concussion issue.

CLR, a subscription-based component of the blog, will provide timely analysis on developments and legal strategies at the intersection of sports and concussions. Subscribers will also have access to sports law articles related to concussions, which have appeared in other Hackney Publications.

“By providing immediate access to insightful content and analysis, we are meeting the legal industry’s need for ongoing information,” said Editor-in-Chief Holt Hackney, who also oversees the editorial operations of six other sports law periodicals.

Hackney also noted that Hackney Publications had reached an agreement with Paul D. Anderson, founder of the “blog” NFL Concussion Litigation, to become editor, providing exclusive bylined articles as well as valuable insight into other legal issues associated with sports concussions for CLR.

“Paul is the country’s leading unbiased authority on NFL concussion litigation,” said Hackney. “We’re excited to start turning him loose on other areas of concussion litigation, like collegiate athletics and K-12 athletics, where it is only a matter of time before we see a similar flurry of lawsuits brought against defendants in those industries.”

Anderson said the opportunity was too good to pass up.

“Hackney Publications is far and away the sports law industry’s leading publisher of periodicals,” said Anderson, who will continue to publish his own blog, while writing proprietary content for CLR. “This was a natural progression for me to expand beyond the niche of concussion litigation in professional sports to college athletics and high schools.”

The inaugural July 2012 issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter is being made available to the general public and the legal community FREE through July 31, 2012 at:

Hackney Publications also publishes: Professional Sports and the Law, Sports Litigation Alert, Legal Issues in Collegiate Athletics, Legal Issues in High School Athletics, Sports Facilities and the Law and the Journal of NCAA Compliance.

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Sports Law Attorney Takes Stand on Youth Football and Concussions

Dan Fitzgerald of Brody Wilkinson PC in Southport, Connecticut has used his Connecticut Sports Law blog to make a statement about what needs to happen in the wake of the concussion awareness movement at the youth football level.

“Youth football coaches “will need to adjust their practice methods. Here are few suggestions:

1. Refrain from drills that artificially limit a player’s ability to evade contact (such as requiring a ball carrier to run straight into a defender).

2. Find new ways to motivate the players and instill toughness that do not involve head-to-head contact.

3. Keep a written log of the drills performed at practice, especially those involving contact.

If you are a football coach at any level, rules limiting contact are likely to be implemented in the near future, if such rules have not already been implemented. The time to adjust practice methods is now.”

For the full blog post, visit:

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Maryland State School Board Moves toward Limiting Contact

The Maryland State School Board, after examining changes the NFL, the Big Ten Conference and the Ivy League have made in limiting contact during practice, is questioning whether it needs to take steps to protect younger athletes from concussions.

A state law passed in 2011 requires that school coaches in certain sports watch a training video about concussions, symptoms and treatments. The law also recommends that athletes who show symptoms of head injury be removed from play and not return to practice until cleared by a physician.

However, a Montgomery County parent whose son received a concussion playing football feels the law could have gone further. In an open meeting before the Board, he requested that it require that parents receive more training in recognizing the symptoms of head injury and that they put a limit on the number of practices youth can participate in that involve contact.

The limits, he explained, were meant to decrease the number of concussive hits players may receive during practice. Everyday hits and tackles have the ability to produce subconcussive injuries that can increase risk of long-term health issues.

The Maryland state school board said it will form a group including athletic directors, health experts and educators to ensure they are doing enough to reduce concussions in youth athletes.

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