Moon Says He Has Not Been Approached by a Firm to Sue NFL; There May Be a Reason

With more than 2,000 former NFL football players represented in lawsuits against the league over the concussions they suffered during their playing days, It seems unfathomable that a Hall of Fame quarterback like Warren Moon has not been approached by an attorney to be a plaintiff.

But that is what Moon claimed in an interview here:

Moon added that: “I would only consider it if I knew that some of my injuries where based from football and based that I was put on the field too quickly – that type of a thing. Some of these guys that are involved in this lawsuit feel that way. They feel like they had injuries and maybe they were put out there too quickly and those injures escalated and also made it to where they are right now suffering in their after career lives.

“We’ll just have to see how the lawsuit plays out. I’m going to look at it a little bit more closely. I have no problems right now with my health, it’s something I would definitely consider down the road if those different reasons came about.”

There may be a reason he has not signed on.

Moon reportedly is working with a company called Xenith that has developed a helmet they believe can cut down on the number of concussions through an innovative design. The risk of suing the NFL and equipment makers, as many of his teammates have done, and endorsing a product that may one day be named in the suit is too great.

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