Doctor Suggests Radical Rule Changes on Football Field

A leading concussion expert has told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he believes the NFL can be more effective by thinking outside the box and adopting a radical rule change.

Dr. Julian Bailes is the former team doctor for the Pittsburgh Steelers and consultant to the NFL Players Association. A renowned neurosurgeon, he told the paper that the league should eliminate the three-point stance so that linemen aren’t “banging heads on every play.” Bailes cited data collected on G-forces from impact sensors in helmets.

“I think the NFL has done a lot, and I acknowledge that,” Bailes said. “But where we’re heading is I think we have to work to take the head out of the sport. I think we have to take head contact out of football as much as possible. I played 10 years. I’ve been a sideline doctor 20-some years. I get it. I know that’s easier said than done. It’s fundamentally changing the sport. Players don’t like it. A lot of fans don’t like it. But I think that’s where this is headed.”

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