Concussion Education Programs Trickle Down to the Family Physicians

North of the border, a leading provider of free online continuing medical education programs for Canadian healthcare professionals, has announced the launch of a program entitled “Sports-Related Concussions: When Medicine and Sport Meet Head On.”

The program was developed by Dr Charles Tator, Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Toronto and Founder of ThinkFirst Canada, and Dr Michael Clarfield, Director of Sports Medicine Specialists in Toronto and former Head Team Physician of the Toronto Maple Leafs (1989-2004). The program aims “to provide Canadian family physicians with the tools and knowledge to properly recognize and counsel patients with a suspected concussion.”

Danny Weill, Vice President of mdBriefCase, called the program “a highly relevant learning opportunity” the organization’s 43,000 physician members. “Elite athletes like Sidney Crosby and Eric Lindros bring concussions to the forefront of not just medical health news, but mainstream media as well,” he said.

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