Sports Law Attorney Takes Stand on Youth Football and Concussions

Dan Fitzgerald of Brody Wilkinson PC in Southport, Connecticut has used his Connecticut Sports Law blog to make a statement about what needs to happen in the wake of the concussion awareness movement at the youth football level.

“Youth football coaches “will need to adjust their practice methods. Here are few suggestions:

1. Refrain from drills that artificially limit a player’s ability to evade contact (such as requiring a ball carrier to run straight into a defender).

2. Find new ways to motivate the players and instill toughness that do not involve head-to-head contact.

3. Keep a written log of the drills performed at practice, especially those involving contact.

If you are a football coach at any level, rules limiting contact are likely to be implemented in the near future, if such rules have not already been implemented. The time to adjust practice methods is now.”

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