Concussion Law Goes Live In Pennsylvania

The Safety in Youth Sports Act became law Sunday in Pennsylvania, with the promise of changing how coaches, school officials, athletes, and parents respond to the head injuries of school-aged athletes.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that “on the eve of the law, both schools and doctor’s offices have been gearing up – enrolling coaches in online concussion-training programs, stepping up tests for student athletes that establish a baseline on brain activity, and in some cases making changes on the playing field.”

Lou Sudholz, athletic director at Pennsbury High School in Bucks County, told the newspaper that “the days of ‘How many fingers do I have? . . . OK, you’re good,’ and sending them back in are over.”

Work remains, however, according to Bob Buckanavage, executive director of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors Association. Buckanavage told the Inquirer: “Unfortunately, you have a lot of young coaches, inexperienced coaches, coming into the arena with these responsibilities. Their primary purpose is to win. That’s a landscape that will never change.”

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