Trainer Welcomes Help in Spotting Possible Concussions

All too frequently, concussions occur on the football field when a trainer is treating another concussion,

Philadelphia Eagles Trainer Rick Burkholder told a local newspaper earlier this week about how linebacker Stewart Bradley was allowed to go back into a 2010 game four plays after he was helped off the field.

“Bradley and I were as tight as any two people on earth at the time because I had spent so much time with him when he was rehabbing his [torn] ACL,” Burkholder told the Philadelphia Daily News. “The last thing I would want to do is put him out there hurt.

“I mean, I treated that guy like he was my son. I was devastated by it. But it was circumstances that allowed that to happen. Great changes have come about as a result of that. The league is putting things in place to make our job easier and help prevent something like what happened with Stew from happening again.”

Specifically, the NFL began putting certified athletic trainers up in the booth to monitor concussion-related injuries. And beginning this year, replay monitors will be stationed on the sideline to help teams look at concussions.

Only the team’s head trainer and doctors will be permitted to use the sideline monitors, according to the league.

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