College Football Star Retires After Multiple Concussions

The NFL may still be hogging the front page when it comes to concussions, but that may change someday soon.

One need look no further than UCLA linebacker Patrick Larimore’s announcement on Monday that he was retiring after suffering his second concussion in a six-month span as an example. Larimore, a 6-foot-2 redshirt senior and team captain in 2011, reportedly suffered a concussion at the end of spring camp and went down again just two days into fall camp.

“After talking it over with the doctors and talking it over with his family he felt for his future health that he should medically retire,” Bruins Head Coach Jim Mora told the media. “Obviously, a very tough decision.”

Linebacker Jordan Zumwalt added that the news hit “like a bombshell. It felt like somebody died. I felt like you can see in the room the hearts just hit the floor. It sounded like you can hear it. Everybody was pretty down right away.”

Mora called the decision  brave, adding, “It was hard. To make that decision the way he did and to think it through the way he did and to approach his teammates and his coaches the way he did and say what he did took a lot of courage, and I’m proud of him for it.”

Mora has reportedly been vigilant when it comes to head injuries, pulling linemen Jeff Baca and Alberto Cid, who underwent concussion tests last week at UCLA.

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