Concussion Product Company Signs NFL Wide Receiver as Spokesperson

Impakt Protective has announced that Laurent Robinson, a wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars, will serve as the face of its Shockbox product in the professional football community.

The company claims that its new Shockbox Impact Alert Sensor technology “detects the number and severity of hits a player takes and sends it to your smartphone.”

The company also claims its product “allows coaches and trainers to keep a history of head impact data for each player, assisting them in making more informed decisions from the sideline for players who may be at-risk of receiving a concussion.”

Robinson said he “suffered concussions earlier” in his career. “I understand firsthand the need for products that alert me when to get evaluated by my team trainer and reduce the risk of repeat injuries,” he said. “Shockbox allows me to know when a hit is too hard.”

Former Army Bomb Disposal Officer Danny Crossman, CEO of Impakt Protective, added that “Shockbox is now on teams across the US and Canada in professional and minor league football and ice hockey; Robinson joins a group of athletes in hockey, skiing, and snowboarding who are taking the Shockbox Impact Alert Sensor to the game.”

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