September Issue of CLR Goes Live; Features Timely Reporting and Analysis

The September issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter has been published and is available at

This issue is the best ever in terms of breadth of content, including previously unreported judicial opinions involving sports concussions; original articles written by legal practitioners, professors, and medical experts in the field; and multi-sourced stories from our team of journalists.

The table of contents follows:

  • Entering the War Room of NFL Concussion Litigation
  • Concussion legislation: Worth the Paper it’s Written On?
  • Egdorf Focuses on Emerging Liability Questions Arising from Concussions
  • Insurers Attempts To Get Out of Concussion Game
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Suicide, Personality Alterations, and Dementia In Athletes: A Call For Change And Reform
  • State Concussion Legislation – Where We Stand
  • Texas Concussion Law’s Training Requirements Start Kicking In
  • Court Finds for School District in Concussion Case involving Swimmer
  • Court Sustains ADA Claim Brought by Coach Who Suffers from Post-concussion Syndrome
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