Pro Sports Wives Team Up with Dr. Kevin Fleming for Help with Concussions

The Professional Sports Wives Association (PSWA) has teamed up with Dr. Kevin J. Fleming to help its membership cope with brain concussions.

The PSWA, a non-profit association that provides resources to members in more than 16 professional sports leagues, has commissioned Fleming, who is the founder and CEO of the neuroscience-based behavior change consulting firm called Grey Matters International, Inc., to develop a program to help athletes and families learn more and cope with the effects from brain concussions.

“We’re tackling the brain concussion problem head-on with Dr. Fleming, so we can learn more and help our spouses long term,” said Gena Pitts, Founder and Executive Director of the PSWA, who is the wife of Mike Pitts, a former NFL player and 12-year veteran.


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