Rider’s Concussion Steals Headlines in Cycling

They wear helmets don’t they?

But like football, it doesn’t matter.

News of American cyclist Tyler Farrar’s withdrawal from the Tour of Britain after sustaining a severe concussion after an 11-rider crash over the weekend brought home that point.

“Tyler was unable to take the start at the Tour of Britain today after crashing heavily during stage 1, significantly hitting his head and suffering a severe concussion,” Dr. Prentice Steffen said in a statement. “The team has a strict head injury policy and protocol and Tyler continues to undergo evaluation. Team medical staff is working closely with him to monitor his condition.”

His team’s policy on head injuries reads as follows: “Even in the absence of obvious injury to the head or damage to the helmet, the rider will then be questioned for signs of confusion, memory loss, loss of consciousness, imbalance, or any other behaviors that indicate the rider is not at his/her normal baseline mental functioning.”

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