Concussion Crisis Draws Race Helmet Innovator

A recent story in the Indianapolis Business Journal has chronicled the planned move of race helmet innovator Bill Simpson into football.

Simpson, who has made helmets for 27 Indianapolis 500 winners, admits that the sudden awareness of concussions and the damage they can cause on the field of play was a catalyst for his decision to launch SGH Helmets.

Another factor was the December 2010 sale of his company Impact Racing, a maker of auto-racing safety equipment, to San Diego-based Mastercraft Inc.

The helmet is already being worn by some NFL players.

Simpson, 72, described the line of helmets as ”real Buck Rogers stuff. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.” He goes on to say that “he uses better materials and doesn’t follow the decades-old blueprint of other helmet-makers,” according to the article.

Simpson, who plans to build a 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in central Indiana within a few years, said he would “like to see the minimization of concussions and all that goes with them. I’d like that to be my legacy when I drop dead — which could be any day.”

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