Latest Issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter Features Almost a Dozen Articles

Just as the legal activity around sports concussions across all age groups and all sports is intensifying, so to is our coverage of these developments in Concussion Litigation Reporter.

The October 2012 issue features 11 original articles that report on the news as well as provide analysis abbout legal developments in sports concussion law.

At the same time, we will continue to keep our finger on the pulse of the daily news in this area and share important developments on our blog — Concussion Policy and the Law.

What follows is the Table of Contents:

‘Head Cases”—The University Of Texas’ Fall 2012 Symposium Examines Concussions and Litigation

Mouth Guard Maker Draws Fire over Claims; Lawyers, Others Weigh In

Assessing Concussion Litigation and the Potential Issues

Former College Football Player Sues School in Concussion Suit

Attorney Charles Gfeller Builds out His Sports Concussion Practice

Raising the Bar: A Comparative Legislative Review of Concussion Safety Laws in United States and Canada

Former High School Football Player Makes Chilling Allegations against School District, Coach

Head Injury, Stress and Reactions to Medications and Drugs

Magistrate Is Unwilling to Grant Discovery Sanctions in Concussion Case Involving Ski Accident

Former Soccer Player Sues Professional and Its Former Coach

Is an Attitude Adjustment in Order for the Coaching Profession?

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