Attorney Wants ‘Parents, Players, Families and Friends’ to Stand Up

Personal injury lawyer Mark Favaloro of Virginia-based Shapiro, Lewis & Appleton didn’t mince words in a recent post about concussions.

“All the lawsuits, whether by parents of injured high schoolers or families of debilitated professional athletes, share a common theme: if the brain is allowed proper time to heal, it can recover from most head injuries,” wrote Favaloro. “The plaintiffs believe that the defendants failed to provide the necessary time to heal, never warning those in their care of the risks associated with what they thought were only minor injuries.

“Parents, players, families and friends are now standing up and using this moment of awareness to tell these various organizations that no game is worth the steep price associated with repeated head injuries.”

Favaloro went on to note that “a host of concussion-related lawsuits have been directed against high schools …The increase in such suits corresponds with an increase in awareness of the risks posed by head injury. Studies have been conducted which are finally revealing the long-term damage such injuries can cause, including severe degenerative brain disease.”

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