Exploring Ex-Soccer Player’s Concussion Lawsuit Against His Former Team and Coach

Bryan Namoff, whose successful career as a defender for D.C. United was cut short by a concussion, has sued the team and its former coach Tom Soehn, according to an article in the October issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter (CLR).

Namoff’s complaint, which was filed a little over a month ago in D.C. Superior Court, alleges that D.C. United was “negligent in its management, care and treatment” of a concussion he suffered during a 2009 MLS match at RFK Stadium.

Namoff, 33, claims that he suffered brain damage and cognitive, memory and sensory loss. He also has permanent headaches and fatigue, sleep problems and hypersensitivity to motion. Namoff, along with his wife, are seeking $12 million ($10 million for medical negligence and $2 million for the impact on their marriage).

The incident occurred on September 9 when Namoff collided in mid-air with a Kansas City Wizards player, “causing a blow to plaintiff’s head just behind his right temple by the shoulder blade of the opponent,” according to the complaint. “There was a visible snapping of his neck violently back to the left. Namoff was able to get up on his own; however, (Dr. Christopher Annunziata and Commonwealth Orthopedics) never left the sidelines to examine Namoff. (The plaintiff) felt lost and out of it but finished the game.”

Allegedly, Namoff wasn’t treated. He remained in the match. Afterward, the plaintiff claimed he told team doctors that “he did not feel right,” and that “the lights were hazy, and that he had no peripheral vision.” Namoff continued to suffer headaches and fatigue for days, according to the complaint. He alleged that Soehn knew of his symptoms. But three days later, the coach inserted him into a match against Seattle, without follow-up exams or reassessments by team doctors.

The more extensive article appears in the October issue of CLR: https://concussionpolicyandthelaw.com/concussion-litigation-reporter/concussion-litigation-reporter-october-2012/

The complaint, as well as those involving other cases, can be found in the documents section of Concussion Litigation Reporter.

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