Nearly Half of Dads Believe There Is Too Much Hype around Concussions

The non-profit affiliate of i9 Sports, one of the nation’s fastest growing youth sports organizations, has surveyed 300 dads who played tackle football at the high school level or higher about their own kids’ participation in tackle football and the threat of concussions.

The survey yielded some interesting results, such as the finding that 44 percent of the dads believe “there is too much hype over concussions in sports.”

Some of the other significant findings were that:

  • Sixty percent of the respondents suffered concussions when they played football, and of those 45 percent continued to play in the game.
  • When asked when their son started playing or will start playing football, 45 percent reported age 10 or under.
  • Awareness had reshaped opinion in another respect, however, as 35 percent of the respondents said they would not allow their son to “continue to play tackle football after the injury had healed” if their son had suffered a concussion or what was believed to be a concussion.

But work remains.

When dads were asked in separate questions whether coaches, officials and league organizers “understood concussion dangers and took precautions,” they said that they believed only two-thirds of each group met that requirement.

“The startling results of this survey show even though concussion awareness is permeating youth sports today, often parents, young players and even coaches don’t heed the warnings,” says Brian Sanders, COO and President of i9 Sports, which has more than 550,000 members at 275 locations across the country. “It’s scary to us that dads who suffered concussions encourage their young sons to play tackle football at a young age. Studies show a concussion can be more dangerous for young athletes because their brains are still developing. Still these young athletes perceive concussions as a ‘cool status symbol.’  Concussion safety is a top priority at i9 Sports which is why we recommend flag football until high school.”

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