To Play or Not to Play. Are NFL Teams Adhering to League’s Concussion Policy?

By Bill Newton, Guest Blogger

FOX NFL insider Jay Glazer stated this in a tweet last week: “Redskins are facing a HEFTY fine from the NFL for handling of RG3 injury when they said last week he was ‘shaken up.’ NFL want teams to immediately acknowledge a head injury to prevent concussed players from getting pushed back on field.”

What seems to be at issue here is, did the Redskins handle RGIII’s concussion diagnosis properly from the outset? After all, Mike Shanahan termed it a mild concussion. As if that changes anything. You’re either concussed or not. That’s like saying the negative balance in your bank account means you’re a little short on funds. Broke is broke.

But there’s also the splitting-hairs syndrome in play here. What was said in the Redskins’ initial comments after evaluating RGIII doesn’t necessarily mean that he wasn’t diagnosed correctly, although there does seem to be some damage control taking place. Note the comment of Redskin team physician Tony Casolaro who said, “I’m not sure who used the term ‘shaken up.’”

Regardless of who said what—when, where, or how—one only wonders if the NFL might be using the Redskins to set an example.

Of course yesterday, who do we find under center? RGIII! Does that surprise anyone?

It seems inescapable that any NFLer that’s been concussed wants to get back in the game ASAP, by hook or crook. And any coach is going to want him back in the game ASAP, fine or no fine. Violation of NFL concussion policy or not, that’s the way it is. When they pay you, everybody’s job is on the line. It’s that simple.

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