ImPACTs Reliability Challenged in Court

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ImPACTs Reliability Challenged in Court

(Note: Paul Anderson, the editor of Concussion Litigation Reporter, wrote about recent litigation involving ImPACT, the concussion baseline testing system, and how the company that produces it was sued by a student athlete. The case was recently settled. To read Paul’s analysis, visit

ImPACT is used by the four major professional sports leagues, colleges and thousands of schools across the country. ImPACT dominates the market when it comes to sideline assessment and  concussion evaluation. In fact, it has become so popular its use is encouraged in Rhode Island’s return-to-play law.

According to ImPACT’s website, it is “the most-widely used, and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system.” The software has become the go-to tool to determine whether an athlete should be allowed to return-to-play after suffering a concussion.

Recently, though, ImPACT has drawn fire from the scientific community for failing to identify concussions and prematurely allowing athletes to return-to-play. According to recent media reports, a series of studies concluded, “the false positive rate appears to be 30 percent to 40 percent of subjects of ImPACT…[it] may even increase th[e] risk” of returning to play too soon.

The family of one former high school student alleges that ImPACT failed to diagnose their son’s traumatic brain injury. During a junior varsity game … . Read more here: