December Issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter Goes Live

Here’s the table of contents for the December issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter.

Setting Up a Comprehensive Concussion Policy, Procedure or Program at a High School
By Marco S. Boscolo, MA, ATC, LAT, PhD Candidate
Every high school’s environment is different and it is this environment that will be reflected in the school’s concussion policy. At a minimum, a high school concussion policy must address state laws. In more comprehensive high school concussion policies, specific procedures and programs are developed to provide the best care for the athlete.

Settlement Reached in Morales Concussion Case
The family of a New Jersey high school football player, who died after sustaining a head injury during a 2008 practice, has reached a settlement with the school district. The plaintiffs, who are the parents of Douglas Morales, will receive $125,000.

The Potential Role of Criminal Law in the NFL Concussion Cases
By Jordan Kobritz, J.D., C.P.A.
The thousands of plaintiffs – former players and their family members – suing the NFL in the so-called concussion lawsuits have one thing in common: They all seek monetary compensation for the injuries, disabilities, and medical expenses allegedly incurred as a result of playing football.

The Mississippi Sports Law Review 2nd Annual Fall Symposium: The Impact of Concussion Lawsuits on the Future of Football
By Ellen Rugeley
The Mississippi Sports Law Review held its second annual fall symposium entitled “The Impact of Concussion Lawsuits on the Future of Football” on November 9, 2012 at the University of Mississippi School of Law, where experts in the field discussed the ramifications of the pending NFL concussion lawsuits on the future of sports.

Mississippi Jury Rules in Favor of Riddell in Design Defect Case
Riddell has prevailed in a week-long trial as a jury in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi unanimously ruled in favor of a football helmet manufacturer in a case that challenged the protective qualities of Riddell’s football helmets.

Cheerleader Who Suffered Concussion Sues School District
A former high school cheerleader in Michigan has sued Clarkston Community Schools in that state, alleging that the school district and some of its employees were negligent when they failed to prevent an accident, which resulted in a concussion.

Court Dismisses Concussion Lawsuit Brought by Former High School Student Athlete
A federal judge from the Eastern District of Texas has dismissed the lawsuit of a former high school student athlete, who, representing himself, had sued the school he attended, claiming that he “suffers from a chronic condition” because of a concussion he received while playing basketball.

Parents Sue over Concussion-related Death of their Son
The parents of Drew Swank, a high school football player in Washington state, who died after allegedly returning to the football field too soon, have sued New Valley Christian School, an administrator, football coaches and a family doctor, alleging negligence.

Conference Looks at Growing Trend Toward Concussions in Sport
By Chris Saunders
It was a day when everyone acknowledged the 10-ton elephant in the room – and the elephant was violence and injuries in sports. One could probably not find a more experienced and qualified group of people to discuss the culture of sports violence that leads to traumatic injury than the panelists who assembled for the Gladiators in the 21st Century conference at Thomas Jefferson School of Law on Saturday, November 10.

Hockey Violence and the Long Arm of the Law
By Jon Heshka
What began as a hotly contested hockey game has turned into an international legal dispute. With more twists, turns and double salchows than a figure skating routine, this case involves two players from different countries playing in a third country, two insurers, criminal and civil proceedings, and the judicial systems of two countries including two levels of courts in the United States and at least three in Switzerland.

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