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Sports Concussions Concerns Spawn Growth Opportunities for Manufacturers

The NFL’s concussion issues have jump-started new business opportunities for product suppliers—particularly for several Pennsylvania companies, entrepreneurs intending to improve player safety.

In the case of the Philadelphia Eagles, following quarterback Michael Vick’s concussion, the team reached out to ‘Unequal Technologies’ to equip Vick with a product called the “dome,” a padded skull cap that fits beneath the helmet. After being cleared to play, Vick wore the dome in yesterday’s final game of the regular season.

Solutions affecting the concussion crisis in sports are being provided from a wide range of Pennsylvania sources such as software companies, university researchers, and medical and academic facilities.

The opportunity for these companies is not just relegated to football either. It spans a wide range of sports as was pointed out by Software provider ImPACT’s founder, Mark Lovell. “I had a cross-country runner who was concussed after he collided with a deer on a golf course,” he said.

In the field of research, the ramp-up has been considerable. The Universities of Pittsburg and Pennsylvania have emerged at the center of today’s concussion-related issue. In the hospital field, Philadelphia’s Magee Rehab Hospital is open for business with its newly created concussion center.

You can read more about these new developments in player safety at –

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McElroy – A Poster Child for Selfishness

For someone so smart, Greg McElroy is actually pretty dumb.

A Rhodes Scholar finalist in college, the New York Jets quarterback reportedly hid the fact that he was suffering the after-effects of a concussion in hopes of making his second career start this Sunday. His deception was uncovered when he went to head trainer John Mellody Thursday with a headache from lifting weights.

”We’ve come to find out that Greg wasn’t exactly truthful with our training staff after (last week’s) game,” said Jets Coach Rex Ryan at a press conference. ”He never disclosed that he had symptoms after the game to our trainers. Right now, he’s being evaluated for a concussion.”

Not sure why Ryan later went on to say he “admired” McElroy’s “courage and everything else.”

He should instead express disdain for the quarterback’s unadulterated selfishness and greed.

McElroy was willing to install himself at the team’s most important position for another week when he was far short of 100 percent, not to mention put that supposedly intelligent brain at risk. Doesn’t McElroy read that it’s not necessarily the first concussion that causes long-term problems, but the one that comes so soon after that one.

Instead, he was blinded by greed.

McElroy is the poster child for what is wrong with today’s professional athlete.

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SEC’s Power Broker Talks Concussions

This is the time of year when the national media reaches out to Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive to discuss the state of the country’s most powerful football conference.

Given the particularly physical brand of football played in the SEC, it is not surprising that concussions was a prime topic.

Slive told the Gainesville Sun earlier this week that “we’ve taken a hard position during the season. We’ve suspended two players for full games for hits that we felt were dangerous, hits to the head. Coaches have been sensitive to that issue. What people forget is it’s just as dangerous to the hitter as it is to the hitee. We’re all sensitive and conscious of it. It’s an important area for us.”

Slive added that he relied upon NCAA Rule 9-1-4, which states a player can’t target and initiate contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, elbow or shoulder, for justification for his decisions.

“There’s always an argument on the other side, but the league has given us the authority,” he said. “The NCAA rules mandate when there is a hit of that nature, conference review, and once we do that, we have to make decisions.”

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