Reality Television Show Leads to $350,000 Investment in Shockbox

A reality television show called the Dragon’s Den has sparked a $350,000 investment in the Shockbox.

Similar to Shark Tank, the Dragon’s Den is a showcase for entrepreneurs seeking investment in their product. On a recent show, one of the investors, Jim Treliving, reportedly bought 10 percent of the company. Treliving, owner of Boston Pizza and Mr. Lube, is a big-time hockey fan.

Parents of hockey players are a prime market for Shockbox, which provides a sensor attached to the helmet that reportedly measures the level of impact and whether it could have crossed the threshold to concussion. That information is then transmitted to an application that can be downloaded onto a smart phone.

CEO Danny Crossman, a former Army bomb disposal officer and Business Development executive, represented the company on the show.

He said prior to the show that the Shockbox is the “iPhone 5 of alert sensors. It is a must have for this Christmas season.”

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