Experts Suggest Insurance Premiums Headed North Because of Concussion Crisis

Insurance premiums will be going up because of the concussion crisis.

Just how much may be decided, in part, by the outcome of the legal battle between the NFL and its former players over the responsibility, if any, that the league has for their concussions.

That’s the synopsis of an article in yesterday’s New York Times.

“Insurers will be tightening up their own coverage and make sports more expensive,” Robert Boland, who teaches sports law at New York University, told the Times. “It could make the sustainability of certain sports a real issue.”

John Kircher, a law professor at Marquette University who specializes in the insurance industry, added: “The handwriting is on the wall, there’s no question. Insurers will look at the dangers and might look at increasing premiums, and the insurers and the insured will ask whether the game is worth a candle.”

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